The "S" in DiSC®

Questions This Guidance Answers: 
  • I'm a S in DiSC - what does this mean?
  • My direct is a S in DiSC - what does this mean?
  • How do I deal with a S in DiSC?

Today's show is the third of four shows giving a high level overview of how to communicate with different behavioral styles at work. Over the last two months, Mark covered both the "D" (Dominance) and the "I" (Influence) in DiSC ® in this show he'll walk us through the "S" (Steadiness) profile in detail.

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The "S" in disc podcast didn't

The "S" in disc podcast didn't automatically download into Itunes. When I tried to download from the registered users site, it opens in QuickTime. Any suggestions? I've not had this problem in the past.
Thanks, AC

I am so impressed by the DISC model and

I am so impressed by the DISC model and the way you have simplified it for us. I always knew that I needed some form psychology into my professional life to interact with people. But was not convinced that I have to read thousand page books. Thank you so much!!!

Mark, question for you. I have printed the DISC cheat sheet in four distinct pages and started writing the names of my colleagues’ I think are of that type behind it. Also their characteristics, which made me, think why are they on that page. This should be good exercise to make me better at it. What do you think?

M2B- Thanks for the kind words!


Thanks for the kind words! We're glad you're using our work to help make yourself more effective.

Yes, I like your idea. That's good practice. To take it a step further, it would be better to make it active rather than passive learning. In other words, rather than writing their names down first, where you think they belong, and then attempting to support that position (your brain will filter out non-corroborating data), start by simply gathering data. Don't categorize them FIRST... gather data first, without categorizing the info you get. Make a list of 10 behaviors, and THEN see which box they are most likely to fall into.

THAT is powerful... and works for anyone.


Great job ! I was waiting this podcast

Great job ! I was waiting this podcast because I was feeling like a HS and this was a confirmation. I want to say that I am proud of being a HS even if sometimes I would like to be different. I have two questions. The first is referred to your comments about top managers and executive that generally are HD or HI: do you think that HS and HC should improve their behavior to be able to go to the next level ? The second is an observation based on my personal experience: I am more used to be a HS with superiors and top mgmt while I find my behavior more similar to HD when working or in a meeting with directs/associates or team that I lead. Is it normal ? Or I am having behaving like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde ?
Thanks as always

I downloaded the audio automatically

I downloaded the audio automatically through iTunes. The audio length was 42:31 and ended in the middle of the conversation. Since this was unusual for Manager-Tools, I downloaded the audio directly from this page and it was only 42:31. Is this supposed to end in the middle of the conversation?