I don't often read the sports pages of a newspaper or a website, but the headline on one of the articles on the BBC intrigued me today. The story is about Carlos Tevez, an argentinian who currently plays for Manchester City.

Apparently, he refused to play as a substitute and then, during a press conference said: "I didn't feel right to play and so I didn't". There's now an investigation going on as he's been suspended, but he has said that's not what he meant. Part of the problem is that english isn't his first language, and therefore he presumably doesn't have the range of vocabulary which would have allowed him to communicate effectively.

Part of it though, is a problem we all share. In a high pressure, time-limited environment, we try and communicate more quickly. Quicker communication often is less effective. Even when there's pressure, or there's no pressure but you're trying to reply on your blackberry before your next meeting, take the time to read over your message before you hit send. It might save you from being in the same place as Mr Tevez finds himself.