In a short piece in Recruiter Magazine, several employers respond to the news that at Goldman Sachs, candidates usually have to go through eight rounds of interviews. Danielle Boubert, Recruitment Office, Apex International Hotel says "Complex interview processes and assessment days can have many benefits, but turnover in hospitality is so fast-paced that it would be almost impossible to apply a process such as that described for Goldman Sachs".

If Apex had a better recruitment process their turnover wouldn't be so high. Turnover at the Ritz-Carlton properties for example, is around a quarter of those in the industry in general. Ritz-Carlton doesn't accept 'this is the way it is'. It says, this is the way it is and what can we do about it? They have a systemized employee retention programme which results in lower turnover.

It doesn't matter that you're just one manager amongst tens, hundreds or thousands in your company. You don't have to accept 'this is the way it is'. Say 'this is the way it is, and what can I do about it'. Activity feels better than resignation, every time.