Job Search Is An Activity


In a long article about a survey of in-house recruiters on the website, is a paragraph about the percentage of the survey respondents who use agencies. The reported results are summarized by industry sector and the percentage of roles which are filled by agencies.

The report says: Around 64% of respondents said agencies accounted for less than a quarter of hires in the past 12 months, with only 15% saying that more than half of their posts were agency-filled. What does this mean for you? What Career Tools has been saying, and will continue to say: there is no silver bullet, you have to do everything.

It's not enough to register with a recruiter and wait. It's not enough to register on a job board and wait. It's not enough to think 'I've got a network' and wait. Job search is an activity. You have to be doing something - better, a range of somethings in order to get results.