One on One For The Direct


Listening to this week's Manager Tools podcast about taking notes, I thought of this tip, which I find handy as a direct, and thought I'd share with you. Leave at least 45 minutes after your O3 clear of any of other appointments.

I usually end up with a bunch of quick things to do after my O3 and a few bigger things. Leaving time after the O3 to get those small things checked off means I feel successful, and I only have to copy the couple of big things onto my to do list. The rest just has a check mark next to it in my O3 book.

It might not always be possible, but that 45 minutes means that my O3 tasks are not spread throughout the week. Done, dusted and onto the next.

Great tip, I've found that to be very helpful as well

I've found that blocking off time directly after my O3 guards against having another meeting scheduled immediately afterward. It's dedicated time to work on my boss's priorities, which, by definition are my priorities. And if my manager wants to talk longer than our normal 30, I always know I can. - Sam