How To Handle Meeting Killers - The Rambler

Questions This Guidance Answers: 
  • What do I do with difficult people in my meetings?
  • How do I keep control of my meetings?
  • How do I change meeting behavior?

This guidance recommends how to address behaviors in meetings that reduce meeting effectiveness, based on a popular 2012 Wall Street Journal article. This Chapter deals with handling a Rambler - someone who talks and talks and talks ... and talks.

A recent WSJ article headlined "Meet The Meeting Killers" talked about how different behaviors in meetings can ruin the meeting. It's in the 15 May 2012 edition, and is available to non-subscribers, at least for a time.

This is our answer to those behaviors. And, we'll address both running meetings of your team, and cross-functional meetings, where you have less direct authority.

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Not the meeting organizer

Great stuff. But how do you handle the Rambler when you're not the meeting organizer?  

In the moment?  I don't

In the moment?  I don't think you really could handle him if you weren't the organizer or facilitating.  After the fact you could suggest improvements to the meeting structure for those who are organizing, and implement them in your own.

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