Overcoming Trinity Pushback - Chapter 1 - "One on Ones Are Micromanaging"

Questions This Guidance Answers: 
  • What is micro-managing?
  • How do I address the micro-management accusation?
  • Can I insist on One on Ones?

This guidance tells you what to do when directs resist One on Ones because they are a form of "micromanaging."

What do you do when one of your directs complains that they don't need/want/like One-on-Ones because they say they're a form of micromanagement? Are they right? What the heck IS micromanagement, anyway? Can I leave them out of the process?

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Great cast!

 Man I wish this cast would have come earlier.  I had this problem with a direct who was essentially saying "I don't want any oversight."  The entire time I felt like I was shadow boxing because no one was willing to define micromanaging and that resulted in many problems.  


Thanks for doing what you guys do and keep up the good work!



iTunes version 'corrupted'

My iTunes account loaded this podcast, announcing 23MB, but downloading 46MB.
Playing the cast, after approx. two-thirds of the cast, it broke off and started again, so it seems that the first 2/3rd is contained double. After restarting, the rest seemed complete, so I heard the full cast.

You might want to fix it anyway, in order not to confuse people.


Johan Bezem

Interim Manager
Embedded Systems Consultant

Pushback from Senior Execs

Hi Mark

Catching up on podcasts.  I never even considered a direct report would ever push back on 1 on 1's!!

My problem in the past has been with my executive, telling me and others publicly that he certainly wouldn't have time to conduct one on ones with his reports - he expects his managers to be self sufficient, etc. 

You and I agree he's wrong. However, the implication is that I (and anyone else who dedicated such ludicrous amounts of attention on directs) am micro-managing my staff and should be employing myself better elsewhere.  His evaluation of me as a manager was as "less than effective" as a result. On the other hand, my behaviour (still doing one on ones) highlighted that I considered him to be less than a good manager - not a case of opposites attracting I assure you.

Water under the bridge now -  I just left at an opportune time. But it was a frustrating episode.

What's your advice in such a situation?