Podcast Awards - Manager Tools Wins Business Category

Last night we were delighted that Manager Tools won the People's Choice Podcast Award in the business category. It's the fourth time Manager Tools has won in this category and the whole team is thrilled that you, our listeners, voted for us again.

Mike, Mark, Maggie, Dani, Mytyl, Traci, Kate and Liza were all over the States making management and careers better for you, so Wendii accepted the award on their behalf in Las Vegas.

It's a privilege to serve you. It's a joy to work for you every day. We're delighted with your support. We thank each and every one of you for your nominations and your votes.

Thank you!


It is extremely well deserved. Congratulations to you all!


Well deserved

indeed !


The award is well-deserved!  You guys have done a great job making us all better, one podcast at a time.  Thank you for all you do!


4th win in this category!  Talk about sustaining great results over time.  That ability is what I truly appreciate from all that the Manager Tools team does and is embodied by these awards.  


My first year with MT - you deserve the accolades....

Thank you, and keep up the great work!

Thank you

Thank you everyone for your kind words. We're thrilled!



Absolutely well deserved. Congrats especially on the comeback. I see you won 2006-2008 and now again at 2012. That's proving you're not just a trend that comes and goes away.

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Congratulations!  You and team have created a compelling difference within your space for sure.  In simple terms, what you do matters and it works.  I am pretty sure that you will win again next year!!




Well Deserved

Thank you guys.  When you share this wisdom every week, You help managers like me to help ourselves to become better.  I really appreciate it and I am very happy that you are being recognised.  Well done.  Kevin


Well deserved guys. We all appreciate all that you do, every day, for all of us. You have made your offerings accessible to individuals at all levels and the advice is easy to follow. 

Thank you for everything.


YOu deserved that, I am glad

YOu deserved that, I am glad you won at the event. This makes my day better.


You are the best.  AND.  Unparalleled in effective management practices training/education.

Today I just finished the second phase of a three phase leadership development course that my company has been rolling out to all management in our 1,300 employees organization.  It was a good program, but based on a lot of theory so not a lot of actionable steps were taught.  

During the training I provided comments and examples of my professional experiences that could help better inform my fellow managers what the presenters were talking about.  Several times the examples I had delivered were brought up in later discussions such as; "This goes back to what Jason said earlier. ", or "Remember how Jason dealt with that issue?  That's a great way to tackle that problem before it gets too big.".

Thank you Manager-Tools!  Because of your guidance I have been able to push toward being an effective manager.  

A few of my fellow managers caught up with me after the training and asked how I was so experienced... I wrote manage-tools.com down for them and strongly suggested they take a look and listen to all the excellent information you have made available.

Best regards.









Congrats, MT Team!

Congratulations to you all! 

Congrats !

 Here ! Here !

You should be #1 !

But on their Web Site it says that NPR Planet Money is the winner.

What gives ?


Am I looking at the right place ?



{DANG - They really need to fix up their site ! }




You're looking in the

You're looking in the right place.

While I agree this is the best business podcast (and voted 7-8 times), it won in 2012, not 2013.