Unusual Places


In some magazines they have a bit where they show a reader holding up the magazine in unusual places. Outside the Taj Mahal or the White House or another famous building. Up a mountain or scuba diving. You get the idea.

I seem to have a new ability to spot people doing One on Ones in unusual places. Every article I read, One on Ones jump out at me. The latest is in an article about the Blue Man Group. Fortune’s October issue says ‘The associate directors… have weekly contact with Blue Man captains in each city’.

It seems like everyone has a reason not to do One on Ones.. and for every reason they give, someone else has overcome it. So if you’re still not convinced, come to the forums. We’ll find someone with just the problem you’re trying to overcome who is ahead of you in solving that problem, and you can get started with the best practice you’ll ever start.