Multi-tasking Again


It seems surprising that there are still articles written about multi-tasking. I thought that we’d all accepted that we can’t multi-task. However, in December’s Entrepreneur magazine, there was another article, letting us know, that no, nothing has changed, and we still can’t multi-task.

There was one line that helped me understand the problem differently though: “When you’re on the phone and writing an e-mail at the same time, you’re actually switching between them, since there’s only one mental and neural channel through which language flows”.

As a person who can’t pat her head and rub her tummy at the same time, it makes perfect sense to me that I have only one channel for words in my head, and it can only be used for one task at once. Even though I’d already accepted I can’t multi-task, the article was still useful. “Einstein”, it says “was not multi-tasking when he was dreaming up the special and general theories of relativity”.

Multi-tasking=Fool's Gold

I would bet that most folks who talk on the phone and type e-mails at the same time are guilty of the following at least once in their multi-tasking careers:

1. Not listening and end up saying, "What did you say" multiple times in one conversation.

2. Send e-mails with grammar and content errors that come back with replies like "What the heck is a 'quarterly yearnings report'? LoL!"

3. Both