New and Old


I read in June's Success magazine about the founder of Ikea. First, I was surprised to find out he was born in 1926. With all the startups run by under 25 year olds now, I think we've become conditioned to thinking it's success by 25 or else.

He started selling low-cost furniture in 1947 and discontinued all his other lines in 1951. He opened a showroom only because of competition from another catalogue retailer.

I love Ikea showrooms. I love how they encourage you to follow the route they dictate so you see everything. I love the pencils and measuring tapes in case you forgot your own. I love the bit before you checkout where you can't help but buy 100 tealights. I don't care that I'm being manipulated by marketing. I enjoy watching them do it well.

I'd always assumed it was a new thing. But no, there is nothing new under the sun. [A quote from the Bible, which shows that sometimes what is old still has value to us.].

The Pace of Modern Life by xkcd

In the vein of nothing new under the sun, you may enjoy the following form xkcd: