Horstman's Noon Rule of Scheduling

Questions This Guidance Answers: 
  • How can I get the most IMPORTANT things done every day?
  • How can I avoid getting sidetracked by emergent issues during my day?
  • How can I schedule my tasks and meetings more effectively?
  • Why do I get further behind throughout the day?

This guidance describes why your day "gets away from" you, and how to schedule more effectively.

Most of us are terrible at using our calendar. We are often just as bad at scheduling our time. (They are different concepts). Effective professionals put the important stuff on their calendar first each day, and they do the important stuff early in the day.

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Continued reading on this

I see a huge correlation to this and the famous novel The Goal  by Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt. 

Time Demands

 Hmm... I studied Queuing Theory in graduate school and this analysis is right on the money. You may be interested in a distinction we use at 2Time Labs - a "time demand" - Time Demands


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5 questions to ask yourself everyday?

I heard a comment here about the 5 questions a manager should ask themself everyday.  Can you ellaborate?  Is there a cast for that?