Corporate Effective Manager Conference

"This was the best management course I have ever taken!"
— Alberto Magano, former EMC Attendee

We're often asked if we will come to your company to deliver training. The answer is YES.

For groups of 15 or more, corporate conferences are a more economical alternative to our public conferences. For those of you who have attended the public conferences, you'll notice we've reduced the length of the day in order to allow you to get back to your desk and catch up.

Managers learn what to do each day to be more effective and practice how to do it. They will reduce the time they spend firefighting and work more effectively with and through their teams. They will leave with an entire year’s rollout plan. Each attendee receives follow up emails to ensure that they get maximum benefit from implementation.

We guarantee it will be the best training experience of your life, and likely the best value as well.

We limit attendance to approximately twenty-five attendees to thirty. Everyone says they love the personal attention when conferences are smaller. If your group is bigger, we can use multiple days or additional presenters at an additional cost.

At your site, or at a convenient hotel. We'll work with you to make sure the available space is effective for the training.

Email or call her on (571) 336-6211

How Much:
$15,000 per day


Every Manager Effective

Our Agenda:

8:00 – Welcome/Purpose
8:05 – Agenda/Groundrules
8:05 – Introductions
8:45 – One on Ones
9:45 – Break
9:55 – One on Ones (continued)
10:20 – Feedback Model
11:30 – Break
11:40 – Feedback Practice
12:30 – Working Lunch – Rolling Out The Trinity
1:30 – Delegation Model
2:10 – Break
2:20 – Delegation Practice
2.50 – More Feedback Practice
3:20 – Parking Lot
3:30 – Close

Every Manager Effective

"The podcasts are brilliant but being there,
hearing it from you guys just makes it perfect."
— Martin Harvey, former EMC Attendee


Unfortunately, due the demand for our services we are not able to accept invitations for public and private speaking engagements, keynote speeches, or panel discussions