Corporate Licenses

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Manager Tools offers corporate customers the opportunity to buy Licenses for groups of employees. In essence, it gives the employee a License to the written materials supporting our podcasts as well as some significant extra benefits, but instead of the employee making the purchase, the company does.

Written Materials

The License will give the employee access to the shownotes and slides for entire content archive and 100 new podcasts worth of guidance for the year of membership, depending on the purchase. He'll be able to print or store the materials on his hard drive for quick access when he needs it. Managers can share those shownotes with their team. If you're wondering what shownotes are, and how the slides will look, there's an example below using the Effective Meetings Starter Model Licensed Content below.

Exclusive Benefits of a Corporate License

  • Shownotes and Slides - for up to all of our 500+ Manager Tools or Career Tools podcasts
  • Early Conference Announcements - to make sure you get a slot
  • Exclusive Customer Service Email address - 24 hour turn-around

How To Access

Corporate licenses may be accessed via the Manager Tools website or hosted on your internal site, depending on numbers. Corporate licenses can also include license to teach our material. Each corporate license is built individually around your needs. To begin the discussion email now, and Maggie will be happy to help you.

Every Manager Effective