How would you phrase this achievement?

In February of this year I was promoted to director of product management for a large software development organization. When given this position, the only objective communicated to me from our VP was "to align the product management team with our internal customers."

The marketing, sales, customer service, and implementation teams felt that we were unhelpful and had a long running list of complaints about us. I set to work building relationships with the leaders of each of those teams, discovering their week-to-week objectives, identifying opportunities where the product managers could improve our support, and implementing team metrics that were based upon contribution to others.

These tactics have now earned the team a reputation for collaboration and partnership. I have received emails from each of those internal customers thanking the team for their turn-around. I have had those managers come to present to the product management team and every one of them verbally expressed their gratitude for the team's successful shift in alignment.

I feel proud of this achievement and now I'm struggling to quantify/qualify it as a bullet on my resume. Any suggestions?

my suggestion

Significantly improved internal customer satisfaction by aligning team with customer needs via weekly objective meetings


Significantly improved internal customer satisfaction by improving <pick some of your metrics> by <10%, 20%, etc)



Improved company reputation by meeting with customers weekly.

I would keep it simple and humble.

Effective Challenge suggestion

Invested time understanding the perspectives, goals and underlying issues of different stakeholders. With improved understanding I was able to help myself and others work out the connection and work required to achieve x% improvement. Weekly dialogue ensured as we moved forward we were able to keep aligned and build a sustainable relationship. 

I hope that helps.