Gift Certificates

We are pleased to remind folks that Manager Tools gift purchases are available!

With the purchase below, you will receive a "Coupon Code" that you can give to your gift recipient (with a nice card or note, we hope!). During the sign-up process, the gift recipient will have the opportunity to apply your gift toward the purchase of the associated gift product.

The following products are available for purchase:

Please note that all of the gift certificates are for non-recurring purchases. You can't use a $50 card, for instance, to buy 3+ months of a monthly Individual License. It's something we're working on, but don't have ready yet. All of the gift certificates have to be used all at once.



This is Great, will work this out soon

This is Great, will work this out soon after doing an inventory of Giveaways.

What about a "Manager Tools" coffee

What about a "Manager Tools" coffee mug?

Chris (Germany, Frankfurt)

When are the poker chips gonna be available?... ;)

How about those feedback poker chips?...

Poker chips

Yes, how about those poker chips!? At the conference i attended in San Antonio, it was mentioned that you were thinking about having some made. I have a new manager that is beginning to use the 'feedback' method and is currently using pennies and dimes!!! it would be great to be able to get here a Manager Tools Feedback set of chips!!! And of course, I am patiently waiting for mine too :-) Keep us posted on progress.

How about a t-shirt?

I talk about you all the time--this would help my marketing!

Poker Chips

In what Podcast are poker chips discussed?

I'm not even sure we've

I'm not even sure we've discussed them on the podcast. I may be wrong, but can't recall having done so.


Poker Chips

Hmmm. Someone (Mike?) may have mentioned it at an MT conference that moving chips from one pocket to the other during the work day would be technique serving two purposes:

(1) reminding you to provide feedback, and

(2) helping keep a running tally.

 I do not recall it in the casts but the topic has come up in the forums:

DiSC Gift Card ?

How about a DiSC Gift Card ?

As of today the DiSC profile offer is at 26,95.

It would be great to be able to hand these cards to the team so they can go themselves and take the test without any requirements to provide the results.





Don't forget scrunchies

Poker chips and scrunchies were definitely mentioned in a podcast. I think it was spoken about as an aside though – Mark going off on a valuable tangent perhaps ;) – within another related cast. If I find it again, I'll let you know.

Both the chips and scrunched

Both the chips and scrunched were mentioned in one of the feedback cast. The goal is to start out at 1 per day and them to work up to 5 or more per day. Women using a scrunchie could move it/them from from one hand to the other as they do it. Same thing with the poker chips except it is from pocket to pocket.