Manager Tools Products

Personal License

Would you like to have detailed notes of each cast for easy reference? Why do all the work of taking notes? Individual Licenses gives you PDF Slides covering all the key points of the show and Shownotes (in some cases transcripts) of the show. Licensees also have access to our Interview Creation Tool. More details are available on the Personal License page.

Effective Relationships

Why do your colleagues act so differently? Why is Derek always interrupting, and why is India constantly schmoozing and texting? Why is Sarah regularly consoling someone, while Claire is reviewing details that no one notices? What if you knew how to communicate differently with India versus Claire, and work better with anyone?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could “click” with your boss, or each of your directs?

You don’t need to read minds. You just need to know how to change your behavior. Effective Relationships tells you exactly how.

Trinity Rollout Email Series

Step by step instructions for your rolling out One-on-Ones, Feedback, Coaching and Delegation in an interactive email series. Over 100 emails over the course of six months. We know that managers love the idea of the Trinity, but don't implement it. Many of you would like to attend a conference but you just can't. We've designed the Trinity Rollout Email product to answer that need for just $35. Manager Tools Licensees, you are entitled to this product as added value to your license. Please login to receive subscription instructions.

Interviewing Series

Do you need help with the Interviewing process? The Interview Casts Are 15 Podcasts, with shownotes and slides, that cover the entire process of Interviewing. We believe it's the most complete and detailed repository of actionable interviewing in the world. More details are available on the Interviewing Series Page.

First Job Fundamentals

First Job Fundamentals gives you what you need to know to be most effective in your first role. There's 13 shows, each of which shares a piece of what it takes to be successful at work. Every one of them tells you exactly what to do and say, helping you develop into an effective professional and a valued member of your bosses' team, FAST. We also tell you what NOT to do and say - you won't be falling into the traps that others fall into! Career Tools - First Job Fundamentals.

Resume Workbook

The Career Tools Resume Workbook is all of our detailed resume guidance in one place, to allow you to create your own one page, exceptional resume.

We've made it as easy as we possibly can for you to create a resume that gets you interviews. AND we've priced it at only $29.95.

More details are available on the Resume Workbook Page.

DiSC Profile

If you have been listening to our podcasts for any length of time, you know that we are big fans of the DiSC Profile. In our experience,this is the most effective tool we've found for understanding the behavioral tendencies of yourself and the people you interact with each day. To facilitate your use of the DiSC model, we've partnered with the premium supplier of DiSC products to provide you access to YOUR profile today. Get your DiSC Profile now!

Manager Tools Gifts

With the upcoming holidays, we are pleased to announce that Manager Tools gift purchases are now available! Purchase a Coupon for any non-recurring product here.

Corporate Engagements

Mark and Mike are available for corporate engagements. Contact us at (571) 336-6211 for more information.