One of the greatest parts of being a manager is coaching your directs...even if, we'd guess, you don't do it nearly often enough.

But you know if you're one of our thousands of regular listeners that with the coaching model, we recommend you coach every member of your team ALWAYS. The reason we recommend this is that most managers think that coaching means TRAINING, which it doesn't. For the hundredth time: any manager, with the Manager Tools Coaching Model, can coach ALL of their directs at ALL times, for the most part DURING their weekly One on Ones. [If this intrigues you listen to the Coaching Casts, starting here.]

Okay, but what about when you really do need to be the trainer? What about when you come up with a list of resources for when one of your team has to present to senior execs, or when one needs to learn how to run a meeting, or even overcome an objection in a sales call...and you, the manager, really are the most obvious and best resource?

Easy: you become the Trainer. It's not common - it ought to be somewhat rare, to be honest. [There's always someone else to ask to help!] But when you ARE the Trainer, how do you do it?

Four Steps, described in detail in this Cast: How to Do Simple Training.

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • What's the difference between coaching and training?
  • How do I train my team?
  • How I improve my team's performance?

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