We've talked about the importance of interpersonal skills before, with casts on handshakes and meal etiquette. While for many, they might not sound like managerial subjects, the fact is that career management skills are part of the modern manager's repertoire. And, as surely you've read, business gets done at dinner, at parties, at conferences, at conventions, at product launch events, at annual meetings, on the golf course, and at non-profit fund raisers.

So what do you when you walk into a party and you don't seem to know anyone there?

In this cast, we walk through a simple technique for introducing yourself into a small group in an unobtrusive, polite fashion. Everyone can do it...of course, the question is, will you? Are you willing to stand in the corner and have everyone think you painfully shy, and therefore surely not managerial or executive material?

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • How do I join a group of people?
  • What should I say when joining a group?
  • How do I help people notice me when I join a group?

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