Interviewing candidates for your organization is one of the most important things managers do. And yet, somehow, it's one of those things that doesn't seem to get taught anywhere. What this means is very few managers know how, or at least, they just do it "their way". That's not a very effective approach for an organization to have regarding the key talent screening process that it has, but the data are overwhelming: Your interviews stink! Most managers simply don't have a good way to always ensure that they are conducting an effective interview. Some managers routinely create false positives with shallow questions, little probing, and a lack of understanding about the role. Other managers routinely create false negatives...and usually, for the very same reasons on the surface. Conducting Effective Interviews is too big a topic to cover all at once..unless you wanted a 30 hour cast! So, in this cast, we'll talk about the steps effective managers take to get ready for an interview.

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