This cast tells you how to handle a potential Sexual Harassment problem within your team.

Very few things strike fear in the heart of a manager more than the thought of a potential sexual harassment claim. The sanctions are severe, there's the taint of an accusation that may never go away, the gossip... to say nothing of the loss of control of the process, and the danger of false accusations. All this on top of the fact that sexual harassment is not only beneath contempt, but it's also inscrutably hard to understand, and even the finest employee can unknowingly step into this morass.

To some degree, we're not surprised by most manager's lack of understanding of the rules. For most managers, we don't have time to try to understand the actual law, and even if we read it we wouldn't understand its implications. Further, most managers don't think themselves capable of such things (for all kinds of reasons). But, sexual harassment is an example of Horstman's Unknown Briefcase Rule: If you were told to carry around a briefcase of unknown origin, and were ALSO told that there might be a nuclear weapon in it, it would certainly change your relationship to it enough to ask, "Okay, even if the chances of it going off are slim, if it did go off it would be VERY BAD, so tell me what I need to do it to keep it safe...just in case."

This cast will keep you safe. Just in case.

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • How do I protect myself from sexual harassment accusations?
  • What should I do when someone is accused of sexual harassment?
  • What do I do with the person who accuses someone else of sexual harassment?

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