This cast describes a technique for measuring your team and/or organization's ability to recognize talent.

Many managers mistakenly fail to connect the process of hiring with the later successes and failures of the organization. When someone doesn't work out, particularly if it's 3-5 years after they were hired, very few managers think that the problem started when they were being interviewed. But the fact is, just like our elected leaders in a democracy, we get the people we deserve. If we hired them, we MUST have wanted them? Right?

Somehow, though, this kind of analysis is never done. While it's probably not terribly helpful for those who leave the company after 20 years, there ought to be a way to evaluate managers' abilities to find and hire good, talented people ("talent") for the company.

And now there is: The Manager Tools Talent Scouting Average.

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • How do I hire the effectiveness of my hiring?
  • What should executives be measuring?
  • Why should managers be measuring?

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