Lately, we've gotten lots of questions from our 28,000+ members about our interviewing series. Because of the uncertainties many are facing today, we thought it might be helpful to return to our guidance on interviewing.

Horstman's 3rd Law of Interviewing: We'll Take 90% Less Ability for 10% More Attitude Every Day of the Week.

When the market is tighter than normal (it's mostly supply driven and not demand based right now), organizations are even more particular about hiring the very best they can find. Sure, hiring companies want great backgrounds, with great accomplishments. But if you're interviewing in the next six months, what ability do you have to change your accomplishments?

What you can change is your preparation, and your attitude of energy and enthusiasm in the interview. As we like to say, here's how.

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • How should I behave during an interview?
  • Must I smile during an interview?
  • How do I show a positive attitude during an interview?

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