This cast describes how to manage your seating on airlines, because it matters.

We're not doing this cast just because Mark and Mike are both over six feet tall. But our experience in the past few years reinforces that managing our airline seating arrangements makes a big difference in the comfort and utility of a professional's airline travel. If you travel on business, and you've ever gotten a bad seat, you know what we mean. And if you follow our guidance in this cast, the chances are virtually zero for normal travel that that will ever happen to you again. We will discuss how to GET what seat we want, in terms of the processes, and then how to KNOW what seat we want.

During the show, we reference one of our favorite sites for finding the best airline seats when traveling, - well worth a visit!

Note: The original podcast posted ended prematurely. I uploaded a corrected file on Friday, July 10, 9:45am. If you downloaded the podcast prior to that time, you'll want to delete the old and download the newer file. If you need help on the steps to accomplish this in iTunes, you'll find instructions in this forum post. Thanks to Fred Castenada of the Struggling Entrepreneur podcast for pointing the problem out!

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • What are the best airline seats?
  • How do I get the seats I want?
  • What do if I don't get my preferred seat first time?

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