This cast describes the first principle of how to develop subordinate managers - Measure Basic Behaviors.

One of the many ideas that hurts us managers is the fallacy that management is about personality. Just think about it for a second. Don't you know at least one good manager who is outgoing, energetic and a persuasive speaker? And then another good manager who is reserved, quiet and communicates little? Of course you do. The diversity of good managers' personalities gives the lie to the fallacy, yet it still persists.

Further, this idea promotes the belief that management is both unteachable AND individually based. Both are wrong, and counter to good management practices and development. But management IS teachable, and if we have managers working for us, we're obligated to teach it. But how?

  1. It's Okay To Ask Others To Behave The Way You Do
  2. Ask for Those Specific Behaviors
  3. Measure What You Ask For

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • What do I do when my directs don't want to give up unnecessary work?
  • How do I get my directs to do the tasks I want them to?
  • How do I delegate more to busy directs?

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