This cast addresses how to stop intra-office gossip.

What's that old saying? Management would be easy if it weren't for the people part of it? ;-) We think that epigram was coined surely by a manager who was NOT thinking about hiring those people, or promoting those people, or developing those people, or coaching those people. No, we think that manager was thinking about those people doing stupid, inefficient things like fighting and complaining and showing up late and wanting to leave early and dropping balls...and gossiping.

Gossip is a world-wide management distraction that will never go away. You hear rumors that Bob said X about Terry's ego, or Jane said Y about Darlene's skirt. Feelings are hurt, work suffers, somebody complains, and when you try to get to the bottom of things, there's nothing concrete. What to do?

  1. "First, Set No Policy" (The Manager Tools Rule of Policy Setting)
  2. Give Feedback To Those Whom You Are Told Are Gossiping
  3. Only Accept Behavior As Proof
  4. The Question Is - Do You Trust The Input?
  5. Don't Worry About Being Right
  6. Keep it At The Lowest Level

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • Should I have a gossip policy?
  • How do I give feedback on gossip?
  • Do I have to have proof before I give feedback on gossip?

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