This cast describes how to determine your boss's preferred communication style, and how to be more effective knowing it.

We periodically get asked by corporate clients to help not just managers, but also individual contributors. Sometimes it's a highly effective performer who has relationship issues, and sometimes it's helping an entire organization, getting the directs on board with what their managers are doing with One on Ones, or Feedback, or even organizational change.

When we do work with groups other than managers, we get all kinds of questions about working with their boss. The first question we get, is how do I give feedback to my boss? For you long time listeners, you know the answer to that one - you don't. The question we don't often get, one we think is really good, is how can I influence my boss?

And the answer to that question starts with knowing how he or she communicates. Here's how to learn what's best for your boss and how to be more effective with it.

  1. Bosses (and Everyone Else) Tend to Be Either Readers or Listeners
  2. How To Tell Which Your Boss Is
  3. How To Be More Effective Knowing It

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • Why is it important to know how my boss communicates?
  • How can I use this knowledge to my advantage?
  • Why is it important to communicate in the way my boss likes?

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