This cast describes how to deliver effective customer service by over-communicating.

The first rule of customer service is well known: 'the customer is always right'. The Career Tools second rule of customer service is 'be nice', which is less well known and much less adhered too, unfortunately. The third rule: over-communicate, could easily be renamed the 'Amazon' rule, after our favorite internet bookseller, which sends us emails at every step of our buying process. In fact, the third rule goes further than that, and tells us to communicate in between steps.

The promise of this technique is that, despite initially appearing as if it will cause extra work, it will actually reduce the amount of time you spend dealing with your customers. When Wendii used this technique in a customer service role, she cut the number of calls from customers by half. Considering she was getting thirty calls an hour this was a significant improvement in her ability to satisfy her customer's needs.

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • How do I serve my customers better?
  • How do I make my customers less angry?
  • How often do I need to communicate with my customers?

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