This guidance recommends how to deliver both praise and feedback (though not together), and why they are both valuable - and completely different.

Lots of managers ask us about praise. Does positive feedback eliminate the need for praise? (No). What if I prefer to just give praise, and not positive feedback? (Sorry, doesn't work). Isn't praise just the opposite of negative feedback? (Definitely not).

What we think is that lots of us as managers just want to avoid being specific and direct. We understand why, and we're sympathetic. Work is hard, and generally most of us think we don't want to point out one small thing when there surely was ten good things we didn't see that day. We understand...and, we'll advocate for the directs. Managers are always telling us the same things, nearly at the same time: I really need more feedback from my boss, he owes it to me, I'm open to it, and he says he will. But, I'm not really comfortable giving feedback to MY team. I really need them, so I just give them lots of praise.

It's obvious that this managerial math doesn't really add up well...and that's why we're sharing how feedback and praise are both valuable, and how to give both.

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • Are praise and feedback the same thing?
  • Should I only give praise or only feedback?
  • How do I motivate my people?

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