This cast gives our guidance on what to have on your desk at work.

We try to make our casts timeless rather than timely, but this cast looks to come out in the summer of 2010, and we've noticed that an article just came out in Forbes magazine about how to 'Pimp Your Cubicle'. The article talks about a manager who has a Zen garden, a bonsai tree and tea candles in his cubicle, as if that were professional and acceptable. The truth is that it is not, in the majority of companies. So what should you consider when you feel like a change on your desk, in your cubicle or in your office?

Look, we're all in favor of you having some sense of "you" in your cube or office. But let's recognize that the company paid for that cube, that the company isn't just you, and that respect for the broader culture, and for others, and for your career all are worthy considerations when thinking about desk decor. Don't stand out - fit in smartly.

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • What is it appropriate to have on my desk?
  • How many pictures can I have on my desk?
  • May I bring my own items to work?

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