This guidance recommends how effective managers address governmental politics at work.

Three things you never talk about in polite company, right? Politics, religion and sex. That's probably pretty good guidance for managers, too, and probably most professionals at work. Some topics you can't get agreement on, and most folks' fuses are shorter in these areas.

So why then, in the world of 2010, do we hear and see more managers being more open about politics? It worries us here at Manager Tools. And we realize we've never shared our guidance. It's simple, but there are a couple of twists that need explaining.

And lest there be any doubts, we're not talking about office politics. That's inevitable, and of course you're going to talk about it at work. That's why this guidance is titled Managers and Governmental Politics. The kind of politics we're talking here is the politics of governing. Labour and Conservative in Britain, Democrats and Republicans in the US. We're going to talk about how not to talk about that stuff at work, basically. ;-)

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • Can I discuss politics at work?
  • Can I talk about the government at work?
  • Can I join a PAC?

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