This guidance describes how to assign a project to a direct and set up some simple reporting that will greatly increase early (and overall) success.

Mark's favorite story about managers struggling with simple day to day things is the one where the CEO asks for help with his admin. Mark has been facilitating the strategy session of a billion dollar firm, and during one of the breaks, the CEO asks for time alone. Mark assumes he wants to discuss the topic of the moment, where to invest capital in the next 1-3 years. But no. The CEO says: I've got a problem with my admin, she's not doing some stuff right, how do I handle it?

Even CEOs have managerial challenges, and sometimes managerial challenges are simple, or small, or basic, or whatever word you want to use that isn't &'strategic';, or, 'fundamental.' For instance, what's the best way to assign some work to a direct and make sure they get off to a good start?

Sharp managers know to definitely worry about the beginning, and NOT to worry about asking for regular reporting.

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • How often should I ask my directs to report?
  • Can I increase or decrease reporting frequency?
  • How do I incorporate this into direct's project planning?

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