This cast gives our guidance on how to finish a conversation.

At least once a month we're asked: is there a way to help a conversation draw to a close without diminishing the relationship building aspect? Most recently, this came up on a forum post which Mark answered, but it comes up so often, we thought we'd answer it in a cast.

We just wish it wasn't that all of the people who ask it weren't incredibly high D's who constantly interrupt and have short attention spans. (Not casting aspersions - it's true of us too).

Literally, we have NEVER met someone who has asked me this question who, when asked for an example, didn't want to end a conversation after an abruptly short period of time, after having appeared to have been tapping their fingers in irritation within seconds. I've seen them expect conversations to be over ("okay, I've built this relationship, now let me go do IMPORTANT STUFF, BYE!") within 30 seconds. In the context of this posting, they would define "reasonable" as that 30 seconds.

But maybe that's not you. ;-)

So, if you think you've spent enough time:

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • How do I know when a conversation is over?
  • How do I use body language to suggest a conversation is over?
  • How do I excuse myself from a conversation?

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