This cast concludes our updated resume guidance for 2011.

Every year since our original resume guidance we have issued an update - giving more information about market conditions and changes we're seeing in resumes. The basics -resumes need to be one page, tell the reader what you did and how well you did it - will never change. However, there are plenty of places other than Career Tools talking about changes in the 'fashions' of resumes, and in this cast, we'll address some of those.

This cast is by turns the most fun and the most frustrating cast we write all year. Wendii and Mark spend the year emailing each other the BAD, BAD, TERRIBLE guidance they find and are sent, and the WORSE-THAN-YOU-CAN-IMAGINE resumes they are sent. You know when something is so bad, it's funny - that's the fun bit. Then we realize that people, smart people, people who have something to contribute are reading that guidance and producing those resumes, and we get incredibly frustrated we can't reach more people more quickly.

Our list of bad guidance we've seen is longer than ever this year - partly because the web encourages volume. Since we can't spend the rest of the year debunking resume guidance, this cast contains our top 4. Avoid these mistakes, and you'll be doing better than 80% your competition.

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • What are the new trends in resumes?
  • Should I follow the new trends in resumes?
  • How should I change my resume this year?

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