This guidance describes how to avoid having your directs give you work that you've already assigned to them.

We'll start this guidance with a first: a caveat. We know there are times when you'll want to do a favor for a direct. We know it's natural and normal for you to make a call on their behalf, or sketch out verbally how you would structure a deck. No problem there.

What we're talking about here is avoiding the natural tendency to "take back" some of what you've just assigned them. When we've just delegated something, and they want some help, it's not effective to offer to do part of their work.

Here's how to say no.

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • How do I stop my directs giving my work back to me?
  • How do I help my directs without doing their work for them?
  • How do I encourage the behaviours I want from my directs?

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