This is the first part of our guidance on how to deal with bad interviewers: those that ask bad questions.

The Interview Series has been our most successful product, and we regularly get emails telling us how the Series helped members get their dream jobs. However, we also get asked 'what if they don't ask those questions I've so carefully practiced for?'. What if the interviewer is a fan of those 'stress' interviews? What if she is distracted? We're going to address some of those issues here.

First, though, a word of caution. A lot of these questions come from people who haven't yet started interviewing. They're imagining all the things that COULD happen. We're not discounting the possibility - it's certainly possible - but it's unlikely. It's even more likely that your interviewer is not deliberately bad, or nasty - just inept. If you want the shortest version of this cast, it would be give them a break, do your best, let the outcome go.

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • What do I do when an interview goes wrong?
  • How can I be successful in an interview with a bad interviewer?
  • How do I answer questions in a bad interview?

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