When decisions are made you may disagree with, you must communicate the decision supportively both in public and in private.

You're in your boss's office, and he tells you that his budget has been cut and your team will have to give up 3 of its 10 members. Or, she says that there's a new project that supersedes yours, and all of your team's work won't be needed or used, and they'll transition to other work. Or, he says, sorry, but the pitch you and one of your teams made was denied.

Sure, you're disappointed. Frustrated. But what really matters is what you're going to tell your team. Because you have to support the decision without complaint, publicly and privately.

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This Cast Answers These Questions

  • How do I communicate with my directs about a decision with which I don't agree?
  • Can I share privately with my directs my thoughts my disagreement about the decision?

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