Our guidance on your obligation to proactively communicate when your projects or tasks are at risk in some way.

Many of us sit quietly when one of our projects is causing us to worry. We can see some things that may go wrong in the next few days. We realize that our plan required a resource that is no longer available. We messed up the schedule. We know we're going to miss an upcoming deadline, even if we don't have to report it as missed, yet.

But sitting quietly in these sitautions is unprofessional. We're obligated to communicate candidly about our responsibilities. Remaining silent is the equivalent of making an unspoken commitment that we are not at risk.

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • Silence is Confirmation of Previous Commitments
  • Reasonable Expectations of Delay or Failure Require Communication
  • Candor Doesn't Require Self-Immolation

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