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One of the most common illusions about organizations is that HR work for the employees. It's in company's interests that employees believe that the company cares for you, and the way they describe HR increases that illusion.

One of our favorite companies, Johnson & Johnson says: "When you feel your best, you do your best. But when something is troubling or hurting you, it's difficult to set those concerns aside and focus on work. At Johnson & Johnson, we provide support programs and services to help our employees live healthier and safer lives — at work, home and on the road. This is good for our people and good for our business.".

So if HR don't work for you, but companies want you to believe they do, what's going on?

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • HR Protects The Company
  • Don't Make HR Your First Stop
  • Make Friends With HR
  • Approach Your Contact Informally
  • Make Your Questions Official As A Last Resort

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