Our guidance on fitting reporting requirements into your daily work.

If we haven't said it outloud, we've all thought it: do you want me to do the work or report on it? (If you haven't said it outloud yet, well done you. It could be a career limiting move.)

As soon as you become a manager though, you'll realize how disconcerting it is to have work being done but not know exactly where it is. There's a drop in your stomach when your boss asks "Where is your direct on x" and you don't know the answer. Being a professional means supporting your boss, and that means reporting.

You don't get the choice between completing the work and reporting it. As a professional, it's your duty to keep your boss up to date. In order for the rest of this guidance to make sense, you need to be on board with that.

It's not just for your boss though. It's good for you too - and we'll reveal why at the end of this guidance.

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • My boss wants me to report, I want to do the work, how do I resolve this?
  • How do I find the time for reporting?
  • Why can't I make reporting automatic?

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