Our guidance on dealing with whiny co-workers.

We've all had at least one co-worker who made it their job to point out the negatives of every project, every task and every change. Some people do this because they have a naturally pessimistic approach to life. Some people do it because they feel superior when they can find errors in other people. Some people want to have covered all the possible failure points before they can feel good about what's happening.

Unless you're a certified professional in the area of psychology, reasoning why your peers or team members are doing what they are doing is fruitless. You may or may not be right. And anyway, fixing it only depends on your behaviour, not the 'why' of theirs.

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • Why do my co-workers whine?
  • How can I get away from people who whine?
  • Is whining infectious?

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