We recommend spending time with each new member of your team encouraging them to tell the truth, and not be afraid of not knowing how to do something or the standard way of doing something in their new role.

When a direct starts working for you, we recommend you share with them how to be most effective in their new role. Too many managers assume that their directs know everything already, or, "they'll figure it out." Far better to give some early clear guidance to help the direct understand how to fit in and make a difference.

Many directs are worried about being perceived as not knowledgeable when they are, in fact, not knowledgeable. It's more effective to tell them to admit their lack of knowledge. Here's how.

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • What things should I tell any new direct?
  • What guidance ought to be standard for new hires?
  • What messages should I send to my new hires/new team members?

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