This week, we're re-releasing part 2 of one of our Hall of Fame casts on our recommendations for an effective teleconference meeting, or conference call.

This casts lays out our recommendations for an Effective Teleconference Meeting, or Conference Call.

We've been asked many times for this cast, and had intended to deliver it much earlier, but it kept getting pushed back. Teleconferences, or meetings conducted as conference calls, are much more widely used today than 20 years ago. Cost used to be an issue, but with costs moot, those very same savings have caused organizational dispersion that drive the teleconference's ubiquity.

We are appalled at much of the guidance we hear. For instance: using mute while you have the speaker on. This is tantamount to encouraging Blackberry use in a face to face meeting, and laptops fully deployed and in email send/receive mode. What a waste! Somehow, because the COST of the call is free, we've lost sight of the VALUE of our time.

Get ready for a distinctly unique set of recommendations.

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • How do I make a conference call effective?
  • What should I do on a conference call?
  • Can I be on mute on a conference call?

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