Our guidance for High I's on managing their tasks.

High I's are practically allergic to task lists. A High I's mind is occupied with all the fabulous things that are happening in the present, or will happen in the future, not the things they've committed to [nor uncompleted tasks] in the past. [After all, to a high I, if it's in the past, it must not be that important.time to move on!] A High I, as we often say, has one foot forward, and then drags the other behind, and back foot comes along ONLY if they like where the first step took them. Yet we know people who keep track of their tasks and who complete their tasks are more successful. How can we make keeping a task list possible for a High I?

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • As a High I, how can I get more done?
  • How can I leverage my strengths as a High I in task completion?
  • As a High I, how can I manage tasks?

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