This Hall of Fame cast explains how to capture interview results in a fast and simple meeting.

One of the things we have learned over the years is that bad hiring is easy, and good hiring is hard. It's easy to hire someone who isn't going to work out - just do one interview, don't dig for details, don't listen to the doubts you're feeling, don't interview for the soft skills.

Of course, this is what happens far too often...and then when there are culture or discipline problems, everyone starts talking about changing the culture, or doing exit interviews. But the answer lies in smarter - and harder - hiring.

In this cast, we share a simple way for a hiring manager to make a decision about a candidate. You'll probably hear a surprise or two, so listen in...and you'll also hear Horstman's Law of Bad Hiring!

This cast is one in a series to be called How to Hire, which is part of our larger set of series on Managing Talent.

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • How do I find out what interviewers think of interviewees?
  • What questions do I need to ask interviewers?
  • How do I weight their input?

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