Our guidance on using getting up early as a strategy for increasing work/family balance.

In the guidance "Work Family Balance - Chapter 1 - Go Home, Mark says: "The idea that one can achieve a "balance" between work and family is similar to suggesting that there is a similarity between a Yellow Peanut M&M ...and THE SUN! Yes, they are both round, and yellow. But there, at the simplest of levels, is where the similarity ends." Just in case, to be clear, your family is THE SUN. Work is the yellow peanut M&M. One so outranks the other in the scheme of most of our lives that any comparison is inherently flawed.

Whilst the idea of work/life balance is fundamentally flawed, there are strategies you can use to get more family and personal time, and getting closer to a feeling of balance. Getting up early is one such strategy.

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • How can I have more family time without compromising work?
  • How can I get up earlier?
  • What should I do when I get up early?

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