Part 2 of our guidance on thinking about your Work From Home habits and what they say about you.

In August 2020 the vast majority of us have been working from home for five months. Most of us thought it would be a five week period at the longest, and now it looks like it could be a year or more and for many of us, for the rest of our working lives. In the crisis phase, anything we got done was a bonus. Now, we're moving from recovery to business-as-usual, and the grace we have been giving ourselves and others needs to and will come to an end. It's time to think about being really professional working from home, and what's more, to be seen to be professional too.

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • What should I be aware of when working at home?
  • How do I project professionalism when working at home?
  • Why is "authenticity" the opposite of "professionalism"?

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