Part 2 of our guidance for managers who are hesitant to make changes.

Most managers are hesitant to make changes to how things are done in their part of their organization early in their career. They're hesitant because they don't know how much leeway they have. And they know that early, it's better to not make mistakes, rather than take risks. Unfortunately, we learn this reticence so well early that when we later are given increasing levels of authority, we still defer excessively to our bosses. This makes us leaders in leaders' roles with a managerial mindset. What we don't know early in our managerial career is that we have PLENTY of room to make things better.

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • What are the limits of my role?
  • What do I do when there is no corporate guidance?
  • How can I implement my ideas and plans?

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