Our guidance for working from home for High I's.

Remote working, at least part-time, is likely to continue for many of us after 2021. Whether it's our own preferences, the economics for companies, or future crises, now we've proved that remote working can work, it's going to become one of the normal range of choices we have about where to work. If we know that, then we know we're going to have to get good at it. That means avoiding the traps that our behavioral preferences can lead us into. In this guidance, we're talking to the High I's, but you'll still get benefit if your profile is one of the others. Understanding how others think and what's important to them is crucial in working well together. We will release future guidance with more about working with High I's, but this will give you a start.

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • What Are High I's Likely To Forget When Working From Home?
  • What Should High I's Do To Make Working From Home More Effective?
  • How Can High I's Make Working From Home Easier?

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