Our guidance on managing your career when on a short term project.

Professionals often spend time on specific projects which take them away from their main job. This might be for a product launch, where a professional spends 6 months working on a specific aspect of the product rather than their "day job". They might be asked to join a team that's struggling to shore up the skillset, temporarily. They might be sent to a different department or location for three to six months to learn additional skills. These short term project assignments, sometimes called "secondments", are a great opportunity to add value, learn new things, develop new relationships and enhance one's career. In general, we recommend you take these opportunities. However, there is also risk. In this guidance we'll tell you how to take advantage of the opportunity and avoid the risk.

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • How should I make the most of a short-term project?
  • What are the opportunities of short-term projects?
  • What are the risks in short-term projects?

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